Safety and Quality

Hospital at Home Care is Safe…

In studies comparing Hospital at Home® to regular hospital care, Hospital at Home patients were less likely to experience complications such as delirium (acute confusion) and were much less likely to be prescribed sedative medications or chemical restraints. In addition, family members of the patients experienced less stress related to their loved one's care.

…And the Quality of Care is High

In satisfaction surveys, patients and family members judged the quality of Hospital at Home care to be better than care provided in the acute hospital. They found relationships with the physicians and other health providers more satisfactory and preferred the Hospital at Home admission and discharge process. In addition, family members of Hospital at Home patients experienced less stress related to having their loved one's care.

Hospital at Home patients found their home a more comfortable setting in which to receive the acute care. In addition, these patients were just as likely to meet illness-specific quality indicators as those treated in the acute hospital.