Hospital at Home Toolkit

The Hospital at Home® team has developed a range of tools to support local adoption and implementation of Hospital at Home. The toolkit includes an implementation manual, financial planning and evaluation tools, patient recruitment and education tools, measurement tools, patient-tracking mechanisms, and other tools to support implementation and operation.

Below is a summary of tools and samples that are available as part of a consulting agreement with Hospital at Home. Please contact us for more information.

Adoption Tools

  • Adoption implementation map (AIM)
  • Budget impact model
  • Business plan
  • Clinical quality measures
  • Critical service and delivery times
  • Data elements
  • Implementation guide
  • Patient flow relative to billing and documentation
  • Patient referral flow chart sample
  • Patient volume estimator
  • Project teams committees and charters
  • Site safety committee protocol
  • Utilization evaluation

Implementation Tools

  • Consent form sample
  • Contents for bag and drug box
  • Discharge criteria
  • Eligibility summary card for emergency room staff
  • Medical chart review form
  • Nurse's progress note sample
  • Order sets
  • Patient education guides
  • Patient summary card for Hospital at Home doctors
  • Post discharge safety report
  • Primary physician questionnaire
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Screening and eligibility form
  • Who to call for patients

Tools to support financial analysis and marketing communications are also under development.